Hello, I’m Lucinda…

and I am a qualified expressive arts psychotherapist (dramatherapy) with 15 years’ experience. I use the expressive arts to help women free themselves from the legacy of difficult and unhappy childhood experiences. ‘Symptoms’ can include anxiety, depression, anger outbursts, being overly judgemental or a lack of fulfillment in their relationships. With these comes a sense of being stuck and not knowing how to move on and beyond how they currently think, feel and act. They have an inkling that something from their past may be affecting how they view the world but aren’t sure how to address it, or even if they want to.

The great thing about using the expressive arts in therapy is that you don’t need to recall or talk about your difficult and painful feelings and memories, if that seems too much to bear; we can access and process these ‘at a distance’ through the medium of story, metaphor, imagery and ritual. And don’t worry, I won’t be asking you to dance and sing, unless you want to!

I help clients to:

  • improve their understanding of who they are and how they have become who they are

  • work out what they really need to live a fulfilled life

  • develop the resources to meet those needs

If you think this could be you, please see my Is This You? page.

“Lucinda shows empathy and understanding. Working creatively has helped me to think ‘outside the box’ and I am a much happier person for it.”

Since graduating as a Dramatherapist in 2005 (my first degree was in Modern Languages at Oxford University – so very different!), I have worked with a range of clients. My own journey through therapy (an integral part of training as a therapist), the birth of our son and our subsequent adoption of a young child whose needs were severely compromised early in life have intensified my interest in developmental trauma and emotional resilience. I am particularly interested in the effects of our early life experiences on how we see ourselves and the world. And I’m not talking only about abuse; all kinds of experiences when we are young can have a huge impact on the relationships we develop with ourselves, other people and the outside world in general. I am constantly updating my knowledge and skills in trauma and attachment, and apply what I learn daily both at home and professionally in my work.

Here is a short guide to my website for you:

If you want to find out if I understand the kind of feelings you are trying to manage at the moment, please go to my Is This You? page. Once you have the sense that I have some inkling of what you are struggling with right now, please go to my Work With Me page. If you are ready to find out what I offer, please go to The Next Step and if you feel you would like to make contact with me right now, please use the form on the Contact Me page. If you are interested in knowing more about me, please go to the About Me page.

I regularly run workshops and group and you can find out more about these on my Workshops/Groups page. These aim to encourage participants to discover more about themselves through different filters, such as nature, the roles they play, etc. Participants are guided through a series of creative and expressive activities which might include movement, sound, artwork, storymaking, stillness to help them gain greater insight into who they are, create a personal and a group experience and have some fun.

You might also like to take a look at my Blog posts which I produce sporadically.

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