Working With Supervisees 

I regularly invite my supervisees to observe and reflect on the processes and dynamics they observe in nature as a way to explore who they are as a therapist and what is happening in the therapy room with their clients. An understanding of these processes may then be deepened through movement, role play, artwork. I am interested to reflect with supervisees on what they are not bringing, as well as what they are bringing, to supervision!

Regular issues addressed in supervision include:

  • safe and ethical practice
  • the therapeutic relationship
  • the client’s journey
  • cultural and organisational factors
  • supervisee professional development and self care

I work mainly outdoors and welcome therapists and counsellors who are currently working outdoors or who are keen to develop an outdoor practice. I also take on some online supervision.

I am currently running an outdoor supervision group in Selmeston near Eastbourne which is full, but if you are interested in joining a waiting list for an outdoor supervision group place, please contact me.

‘I have really valued Lucinda’s calm, gentle and patient approach to supervision. She works creatively to explore what is going on in the client-therapist relationship, taking the time to draw out images and metaphor. I can be in a hurry to get on and explore the client’s material and Lucinda made time to explore and nurture our relationship. My confidence as a therapist really grew during the time we worked together’.

If this is the supervision style you are looking for, please get in touch. I especially welcome therapists who work with Looked After and Adopted young people and their families. As an adoptive mother and a therapist with many years’ experience of working with this client group, I know how challenging this particular client group can be to work with. I charge £60 for an hour’s supervision for qualified therapists/counsellors and £45 for trainee therapists/counsellors.

Reflective Practice for Professionals and Parents

If you are a healthcare worker, social worker, school staff or in fact anyone in a caring role, including parents, you may benefit from having an opportunity to regularly reflect on the emotional and physical needs of the child/ren or adult/s in your care, and the skills that you can develop to support them. I have experience of working in this way with individuals and groups from all of these groups above. As in all my other work, I invite exploration through the body (metaphor, movement, stillness and role play) as well as talking. Please contact me for more information and to discuss your needs.

I can be contacted on mob: 07729 773469 or email: